Nix package manager ... instead of snappy or flatpack

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Nix package manager ... instead of snappy or flatpack

PostPosted by HarronV » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:42 am

In the AUR, we find the nix package manager.
It is part of NixOS, which is a very nice distribution, maybe one of the most versatile and secure linux distros out there.

The Nix Package manager installs and runs software with its dependencies in a seperate folder. This increases the security, as only the software inside this folder can be compromised. This increases the stability of a system, as the dependencies of other packages do not get overwritten ...
Deinstalling a package with nix will not remove dependencies, other packages rely on.

And nonetheless, you can run seperate versions of the same software on a system. You can test the nightly Firefox distribution while still having yesterdays version installed.

NixOS was for me the Hotburner before finally switching back to ArchLabs due to the great usability.
But I am glad, that I can still rely on the nix package manager ;-)
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