Additions to user profile + other goodies

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Additions to user profile + other goodies

PostPosted by Dobbie03 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:39 am

Hi All

I have just added to the User Control Panel an "Running Release" field. Here you can put what version of ArchLabs you are running. Just another way to make it easy to see what version you run if/when you require help.

Also Ranks are starting to make an appearance. Our first rank to be added is "ArchLabs Guru", this is given to users who consistently offer, solid and reliable advice to users needing it. First recipient is natemaia, thank your for your help so far. It hasn't gone un-noticed. An ArchLabs Guru will have their username in a slight shade of pink with a "Guru" badge underneath their user pic.

We hope you are all loving your ArchLabs and the forum.

Keep posting!


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Re: Additions to user profile + other goodies

PostPosted by womp » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:49 am

Hi! It is an honour to be here! Great distro! Beautiful! On my first reboot now. System froze when I was using Chrome so now I am using Firefox instead and I am doing 5-6 things at the same time without a problem! Installed prop nvidia-drivers also. Got a "systemd-modules-load.service failed" and used the script in ~/.config/openbox to fix but it didnt work. The last thing is that I can not find "Running release" on the user control panel, but I am running R2D2 5.0.0.
Now back to config!

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